Ridiyagama Safari to Get Close to the Animal Kingdom

(Author)By: Sameera Gamage
Sri Lanka Destination Specialist

Don't you love the animal kingdom? We know you do. And what would you say to a chance to get super close to the animal kingdom? No, we are not talking about a zoo where animals are trapped in cages. Instead, we have a better idea for a place for all you animal lovers. This is a place where animals can take up their space and move at their own pace. Yes, this place is about an awesome open park where animals roam around freely. It's none other than a memorable Ridiyagama safari.


Why Ridiyagama Safari?

You can encounter animals up close as you go on a fun safari. What do you say to that? How could you say no, right? Well, the destination is Ridiyagama Park in Sri Lanka. But wait, does this park have the animals you want to see? The fascinating and beautiful giants-elephants, the ever so dangerous leopards, and proud and fierce lions?

You may have assumed that all your favorite animals are only in Africa. But Ridiyagama Park begs to differ. Check out the park and see for yourself. Make the most of your vacation by taking a fun, adventurous, and awesome safari tour at Ridiyagama Park with your friends and family.

This amazing park is perfect for nature lovers and is one of a kind 'according to them. There are a lot of reasons why Ridiyagama Park is special and stands out among other animal sanctuaries in the country. For instance, it is the only air park in Sri Lanka. Also, this park is very spacious. The park spreads over 500 acres of land and provides shelter to all the biggest names in the animal kingdom. Name your favorite and you will find it in Ridiyagama.

ridiyagama safari ostrich

Animal encounters in Ridiyagama

Some of the animals you will spot include African lions, leopards, tigers, zebras, giraffes, Bactrian camels, Arabian oryx, Lechwe, Indian blue bulls, rhinos, tapirs, jaguars, African cape buffaloes, and large birds such as ostriches, which are found in the pardeer, and the gentle giants-elephants. Luckily for you, you can observe them in their natural habitats during your visit. Isn’t it a great chance for animal lovers? See, you do not have to go all the way to Africa to see your favorite animals. The amazing island country of Sri Lanka makes such a perfect home for animals.

Perhaps it is the weather that makes the country such a wonderful place for animals to live in. Also, Ridiyagama Park especially makes ideal homes for them. During your adventure, you will notice why the park provides suitable living conditions for animals. The park is filled with a lot of aged trees and greenery. It certainly offers the best shelter for these animals. Through the safari experience, you will get a closer look at the fascinating wildlife without interrupting the natural setting.


Ridiyagama Park's zones explained

You will also notice that the park area is divided into six zones. Of which, four zones are dedicated to carnivorous animals, and herbivorous animals settle in the other two zones. Thanks to the land area being spacious, animals get to take up as much space as they want. They do not have to feel trapped or stuck. Instead, they can roam around to their heart's content.

Ridiyagama park has a 16-acre service station, a 35-acre African lion zone, a 54-acre Sri Lankan elephant enclosure, and 80 acres for herbivorous animal species of the world. The park hopes to construct African, Asian, and Australian zones, which is great news for all you animal lovers out there.


Book your Ridiyagama safari with us today

So how would you like to take the safari? The park offers bus tours and private jeeps. You can also choose to go in a private vehicle if you have got a 44 or an SUV. If you intend to visit, the private jeep tour would be ideal, though it is more expensive than the buses.

We know you can not wait to visit this awesome park. So make the most of your vacation by enjoying the amazing Ridiyagama Park. Do not forget to bring your family and friends too. We are sure that you will make everlasting memories during your visit. Plus, it will also be a way to get close to nature. So what are you waiting for?