Things To Do In Udawalawe

The Complete Guide on Things to Do in Udawalawe

(Author)By: Sameera Gamage
Sri Lanka Destination Specialist

Your visit to Sri Lanka is not complete until you meet the gentle giants of the animal kingdom. Yes, we are talking about elephants. The beautiful, regal elephants are awaiting your visit. Can you not possibly miss the sighting of these incredible animals in their natural habitats now? All you have to do is pay a visit to Udawalawe.

Located 165 kilometers from Colombo, Udawalawe National Park is one of the largest parks in Sri Lanka. It is the ideal habitat for water birds and Sri Lankan elephants. That is not all, though. This National Park is home to many other creatures. Other than elephants, you will spot animals like deer, buffalo, monkeys, and birds like eagles. No wonder Udawalawe is so popular among nature and animal lovers.

It is the ideal spot for you to get close to nature. This post will unpack everything you can do during your visit. Keep scrolling to find out.

Things To Do In Udawalawe

1. Visit the Udawalawe Elephant Orphanage

The Udawalawe Elephant Orphanage is one of the most popular tourist spots. You will find lots of lovely orphaned elephants here. They would wait behind a gate 100 meters away from the seated viewing area until being released in groups of four. The youngest steps out first, followed by the rest. They would walk and then break into a little trot to the feeding station, which is close to the seating area. It is quite adorable how these elephants run to the feeding station.

Once they drank milk, they would move past the viewing platform towards the large blue tubs to eat their food. Then the next four elephants come from behind the trees for their feed. It keeps going on like that. Seeing how these animals rush to get their food is a lovely sight. If you love elephants, you must witness this life at the Udawalawe orphanage.

Things To Do In Udawalawe

2. Go on a safari

As one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, the Udawalawe national park is home to many wild animals. Other than majestic elephants, you can spot water buffalo, wild boar, spotted deer, and jackals. What would you say about a chance to witness these animals up close? You will be able to see animals roaming around in their natural habitats.

You can go on a safari jeep tour at Udawalawe National Park. It would be an amazing adventure for you and your whole family. Besides being a thrilling adventure, it can be a fun learning experience.

Udawalawe Things to Do

3. Safari Camping in Udawalawe

The paths at Udawalawe National Park cut across marshland, grassland, and tropical jungle. What would you say about safari camping there? Does it sound like your ideal way of getting close to nature? Then you can go on safari camping in the Udawalawe forest. Enjoy your stay at the safari camp inside the Udawalawe jungle. You can expect to witness herds of Asian elephants, leopards, black bears, and deer roaming around in their natural habitats.

Do not forget to capture these beautiful moments on your camera. Return to the camp while it sunsets and catch a glimpse of the dusk amidst a roaring log fire and a safari camp lit up with hurricane lamps. Later during the night, you can enjoy a B.B.Q dinner under the night sky.

Udawalawe Things to Do